The Merde of Park Avenue

There are a lot of Beatles fans.  I am not one of them.  James Brown is my man.  When I am amongst other musicians and I go into my,  “I hate the Beatles act” and how Bernard Purdie ghosted many of the drum-tracks for Ringo on their recordings, most of the other players bury their heads in their laps covering up with their arms.  I usually finish off with the ever popular, “Hey and I hate Brahms as well, I am a Tchaikovsky man.  Leopold Auer was a better player than Josef Joachim.   Oh just google these names, will ya!”  I so much enjoy the encore of the head burying arm cover up bit they do.

So now that I have turned off so many members of the music world, I have to move onto The World of Art…Art… If you like something, to you it is good, if you don’t like it, it is not, to you.

I have always hated much of the “art” around the city.  I am of course referring to the stuff that is displayed on the street, mostly sculptures and not the marvelous works housed in our wonderful NYC Museums all around town.

As I drive or take a taxi down Park Avenue, which I do quite a bit, I am always amazed at the garbage that is so proudly shown on the median.  Who picks that crap?!  Who pays for it?!

There is a piece that has been rusting on the lower entrance of the Washington Bridge that to me is a piece of crap!  Remember if you like it that is fine with me, but do not expect that we’ll have a cup of coffee together.

I could go on about so many other sculptures around town but I would like to mention the absolute worst piece I have experienced to date.  It is the large mound of excrement that stands in front of the Seagram’s Building on 53rd Street and Park Avenue.

Here is a picture of it.


I rest my case.  O you like the Beatles?  Warm to the music of Brahms?  You think this sculpture is not that bad?  Rather decent?

Worth the money that was paid for it?!  You probably eat at McDonald’s and enjoy Reality TV.


(Next blog:  Bingo)

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The Merde of Park Avenue

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